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All our products are sold under the TUNAMAR brand name.

Yellowfin tuna – Thunnus Albacares

Our sashimi grade yellowfin tuna is sourced from the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The fish is frozen on board at -60º – immediately after being caught. We deliver this product GG (gilled & gutted) to our customers in -60º containers and can also process it into loins/steaks on a bespoke basis. As an alternative, we also have sashimi grade yellowfin loins from a Japanese fishing company that we import under an exclusive pan-European agreement. The Japanese business operates in the Pacific Ocean and we source 15/25kg and +25kg/piece raw material.

Big Eye tuna – Thunnus Obesus

Big eye is our highest grade tuna product – similarly frozen on board at -60º. Big eye represents a significant percentage of our overall catch from the Atlantic Ocean. We export this product to Japan and to Europe in -60º containers and grade the whole fish as 15/25kg, 25/40kg and 40+kg/piece. We can send the whole fish to our customers in Europe or can process into loins/steaks and potentially saku on a bespoke basis and as per customer specifications.

 Albacore tuna – Thunnus Alalunga

Albacore tuna that is ultra frozen is predominantly for the sashimi market. It is a smaller fish with a high fat percentage from the North Atlantic FAO 37 – FAO 27. It can also be used as a replacement for fresh albacore for the Spanish market – with a nice pink hue. Albacore is perfect for sushi/sashimi and also serves well on the barbecue, or traditionally as kama portioned, GG or DWT – depending on customer preference.

Swordfish – Xiphias Gladius

Our sashimi grade swordfish is well renowned. We catch it only in the Atlantic Ocean and ship it to Europe DWT – individually bagged – to our most demanding customers – which for swordfish  means Italy and Spain. This product is perfect for refreshing! It is sold daily in small markets from Sicily to Calabria and and throughout Andalucía. Highly regarded for eating as raw sashimi, Maguro’s swordfish is also incredibly versatile and well-suited to be enjoyed barbecued too.

Our -35º products are mainly sourced from smaller longliners that don’t have the capacity to freeze the goods down to -60º. These products are, nonetheless, handled in the same professional manner as our sashimi grade products and are vastly superior to traditional freezing at -18º.


Our albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) is a product very well suited to making frozen steaks. Also due to its size (usually +20kg), a better yield is obtained than on smaller fish when using for the cannery industry. This albacore has a lovely pink tonality.


Sea frozen -35ª yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) is a great alternative to it’s sashimi grade -60 brethren. This variety is also bled on board and boasts a mild taste. It’s ideal for processing into loins and steaks and perfect on the grill, barbecue or briefly in the oven.


Maguro’s smooth skin oilfish (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum) is a regular by-catch species of our tuna fishery. It’s often processed into fillets and perfect for smoking. We import the fish whole round or DWT. In some countries it’s known as Escolar.


Blue shark (Prionace glauca) is another one of our by-catch species as we don’t target sharks. We import this species DWT with the belly removed. It’s mainly used for processing steaks and in Spain, a common cooking presentation is fried in light batter.


Our black marlin (Makaire nigricans) comes DWT and typically graded either -80kg/piece or +80kg/piece. This product is ideally suited to be processed into loins and steaks and is a more cost effective substitute for swordfish. Black marlin meat is firm and perfectly suited for grilling and on the barbecue.


Mahi mahi, wahoo, sailfish, king fish and rough skin oilfish are additional by-catch species that we carry although typically in smaller quantities than the aforementioned. All fish is frozen on board and usually presented as DWT.

MSC Yellowfin tuna – Thunnus Albacares

Our MSC yellowfin comes from Mexico. The majority of this catch is large as we prefer to purchase only mature tuna that has had an opportunity to spawn already and that weigh at least 35kg. This fish is caught with purse seine gear, brine frozen onboard and afterwards in a dry freezer. Our main customers are processors that make frozen steaks or other value-added products for the retail industry. We import the whole fish into Europe and process it into frozen loins for distribution to our customers, typically located in Spain for this variety. We import this tuna from Mexico in -35º magnum containers with full traceability back to the catch vessel and with all histamine controls in place.

MSC Skipjack – Katsuwonus pelamis

Maguro’s MSC skipjack is selectively caught pole and line and usually processed into tataki tuna loins. The small size of this species lends well to briefly searing the surface of the loins, quickly freezing down to -60º and then selling them into Japanese food-service.

MSC Albacore – Thunnus Alalunga

Our MSC albacore is caught in Europe – typically in Northern Spain. When in season, the Basque fishing fleet lands daily fresh arrivals of this species and the small fatty fish is graded and selected by quality control staff at daily auctions. We export this fish frozen to Japan but also service demanding customers in Northern Europe where albacore tuna is highly regarded. Albacore is full of flavour and perfect for grilling or on the barbecue – hailing from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Maguro does more than simply sell fish. Below is a list of additional services offered to ensure our customers are delivered personalised, robust and turn-key solutions.


Maguro offers standardised and bespoke product formats. Our partnerships with seafood processors in Vigo, Spain are instrumental to our delivery. We can process our frozen product into loins, steaks and portions and meet bespoke customer requirements on an ad-hoc basis. Maguro employs a seasoned tuna industry expert to oversee and control all processing carried out internally and externally. BRC and/or IFS standards are adhered to at all times and site visits/inspections are encouraged to build confidence and gain visibility on this aspect of our business. Response/reaction times are low and bespoke packaging is also available.


All products are delivered DDP – unless otherwise agreed to with our customers. Having Maguro oversee customs clearance and logistics ensures tighter control and better document and shipment management. Our long-term partnership with freight forwarder professionals in Vigo, Spain and Antwerp, Belgium is key to providing a smooth and optimised experience. It also means we can offer our customers a slightly sharper price baring in mind that we’ve negotiated rates and terms based on the total volume of fish we work with – thus working to our advantage and also to yours. Constant change in EU health and fishery regulations can be tough to manage for small seafood businesses – let alone having to worry about potential container rejection! All Maguro cargo is insured. We mitigate customer risk and assume responsibility – so our customers don’t have to.


Reliable logistics are key when it comes to high quality seafood. Maguro only works with audited, serious logistics partners that we know we can count on. All trucks and trailers incorporate state-of-the-art technology and have GPS tracking devices so that we can accurately advise our customers about current location and delivery schedules. The trailers have different temperature thresholds – allowing us to work with any frozen goods from -18º all the way down to -60º. This is a real point of differentiation and uncommon throughout Europe. We deliver sashimi grade cargo without breaking the cold-chain – in truly optimal conditions.