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Maguro was founded in 2010. Initially, the main concern of the business was to supply tuna and swordfish to the seafood processing industry across Europe. To meet this objective, Maguro purchased several longline vessels that are currently fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. The target species are tuna (albacore, yellowfin and big-eye) and swordfish.


Maguro sources its premium grade raw material from 14 longliners. Each of these vessels can freeze onboard and store at -60º celsius – ensuring true SASHIMI grade quality. The longstanding relationships Maguro has fostered with other fishing businesses has enabled preferential access to, and distribution of, purse-seine MSC certified yellowfin tuna as well as top quality tuna from other EU based pole and line and longline vessels.


Our office in Geneva is strategically located in the center of Europe. Renowned for having one of the most resilient and robust banking systems in the world, Geneva is home to numerous topflight trading companies – testament to it being the perfect location for cross-border trade. Good staff is key to good business and we are proud to employ an experienced, diverse and customer-oriented multi-lingual team.


In our business, quality is paramount. Maguro’s fish is transported using either Magnum (-35º/-40º celsius) or Super-frozen (-60º celsius) containers ensuring the cold chain is kept intact and avoiding thermal fluctuations that could compromise quality.


Cold-storage facilities in Spain and Belgium ensure fast order fulfilment and delivery across the European Union. And, the realtive proximity of our fishing grounds minimises logistics concerns and reduces transit times. Together, this allows Maguro to better serve our customers, precisely, faster, with reduced ordering lead times and stocking requirements.


Maguro is running a tuna production process in a new building with a -60º celsius cold storage capacity to better meet the needs of our customers in Europe. This state-of-the-art facility stores our SASHIMI grade product assortment in optimal conditions.


Close collaboration with our Belgium based overland logistics service provider. We have steered their growing interest in and capacity to truck our products at -35º or -60º – replicating our maritime offer but now on a full load or pallet basis.




“To put it simply, when it comes to supplying high quality tuna and swordfish – Maguro gets the job done!”