Our fishing fleet
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Our fishing fleet

Maguro owns a fleet of longliners targeting mainly big eye tuna, albacore tuna and swordfish. We also work in partnership with other boat owners and can ensure the consistent supply of longline and purse seine caught tuna around the world.


Maguro has 14 longliners operating in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. We have a logistics base in Senegal which aids in fast delivery to our target European market. These vessels catch/produce top quality SASHIMI grade product – all line caught with hooks. Regular sea-frozen albacore is also part of the catch.


Maguro does not own any purse seiners but we have strong partnerships with other fishing fleets, providing access to MSC yellowfin and skipjack tuna from these vessels. The majority of this catch is from FAO zone 77 – otherwise known as the Pacific Center East.